Hulled sesame seeds, also known as dehulled sesame seeds, are the edible seeds derived from the Sesamum indicum plant. These seeds have had their outer husks, or hulls, removed, leaving behind the nutritious and flavorful inner part of the seed. Hulled sesame seeds are widely used in various culinary applications and are known for their nutty taste and delicate texture.

In addition to their delightful flavor profile, hulled sesame seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. They are rich in healthy fats, particularly mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which are beneficial for heart health. These seeds are also a good source of plant-based protein, making them an excellent addition to vegetarian and vegan diets.

These sesame seeds are loaded with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Calcium is vital for maintaining strong bones and teeth, while magnesium supports muscle and nerve function. Iron is important for oxygen transport in the blood and overall energy production.

These seeds are also packed with antioxidants, including lignans and vitamin E, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body. The combination of healthy fats, antioxidants, and essential nutrients makes hulled sesame seeds a valuable component of a balanced diet.

Product Details

Product NameHulled Sesame Seeds
Scientific NameSesamum Indicum
Common NameTil, Gingeli
Form FactorWhole
Supply Ability5000Kg per week
SupplierArizone International LLP
Country of OriginIndia
Delivery TimeDepend upon your location.
Improve Heart Health

May Promote Heart Health

The healthy fats and antioxidants in hulled sesame seeds may contribute to cardiovascular health by supporting healthy cholesterol levels

Improve Digestion

Support Digestion

The fiber content in hulled sesame seeds can aid in supporting a healthy digestive system and promoting regular bowel movements.

Ankle Pain Relief

Support Bone Health

Sesame seeds are a good source of calcium and other minerals that are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Women Having Skin Care

Support Skin Health

The vitamins and minerals in sesame seeds may contribute to healthy skin by supporting collagen production and preventing premature aging.

Man experiencing sore throat

Support Thyroid

Sesame seeds contain selenium, which is important for thyroid function and hormone regulation.

Women Checking Sugar Level and Showing Tummy

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Some studies suggest that the compounds in sesame seeds may help regulate blood sugar levels, supporting metabolic health.

  • Used as a topping for bread, buns, and other baked goods.
  • Used in various dishes for added texture and a nutty flavor.
  • Can be incorporated into candies, sweets, and confections for taste and visual appeal.
  • Used as an exfoliating agent in skincare and cosmetic products.
  • Used as a supplementary ingredient in animal feed.
  • Used in art projects, such as creating textured paintings or decorative items.
  • Used in educational settings to teach about seed germination and plant growth.
  • Used in cooking classes to demonstrate the use of different types of seeds in cooking.
  • Used as a cover crop to prevent soil erosion and enhance soil fertility.
  • Used in efforts such as seed bombing or urban greening projects.

Hulled sesame seeds are sesame seeds with their outer husk or shell removed, leaving behind the edible seed.

Both hulled and unhulled sesame seeds have their benefits. Hulled sesame seeds are commonly used due to their milder taste and smoother texture. Unhulled sesame seeds are more nutrient-dense but can have a stronger flavor. Choose based on your preference and the specific recipe or application.

No, hulled sesame seeds generally don’t need to be soaked before using. They are often used as they are, either roasted or raw, in various dishes and recipes.

Yes, it is generally safe to eat sesame seeds in moderation as part of a balanced diet. They are a good source of nutrients and can be beneficial for health.

Cooking sesame seeds can slightly reduce their nutrient content, but they still retain a significant amount of nutrients even after cooking.

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